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International Pricing Launch Sequencing

BUSINESS QUESTIONS: How can we simulate how pricing decisions and launch sequencing will impact future prices across key geographies? What launch price can I expect in reference pricing markets? Where do we need to focus to ensure prices are maintained? How can we optimize our launce sequence to navigate reference pricing policies? How can we […]

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Account-Specific Access-Based Predictive Uptake Model

BUSINESS QUESTIONS: How do account-level access decisions affect projected product uptake? How do differences in hospital formulary add timing affect uptake regionally? What is the impact of varying levels of co-pay assistance? What is the cost-effectiveness of aggressive contracting at a given account? What is the most that should be offered for preferred access? DEVELOPMENT […]

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Contingency Planning Tool

BUSINESS QUESTIONS: How do contracting decisions and timing impact geographic access goals? In the event of access losses or significant delays, how can our strategy inform how accounts can be reprioritized? DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGY: Opportunity evaluation of account share of business based on analogue and market basket data and proprietary account-specific databases of historical behavior and […]

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