Account-Specific Access-Based Predictive Uptake Model

  • How do account-level access decisions affect projected product uptake?
  • How do differences in hospital formulary add timing affect uptake regionally?
  • What is the impact of varying levels of co-pay assistance?
  • What is the cost-effectiveness of aggressive contracting at a given account?
  • What is the most that should be offered for preferred access?
DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGY: Multiple regression analyses to model account-specific impact of varying levels of impact along the quality of access continuum, including factor analysis for:

  • Account-Level Control
  • Hospital Formulary Timing
  • Geographic Concentration of Access
  • Co-Pay Assistance
  • Market Events
  • Pricing Changes
  • Historical analogue uptake & market access data
  • Proprietary launch product comparison database of 27 variables across drug, disease, treatment, and market categories
  • Predicted access for launch product
  • Hospital volume data
  • Extensive co-pay and reimbursement data
  • Projected pricing over modeled time period
  • Account Priority Segmentation
  • National-, Regional-, and State-Level Uptake Projections
  • Account-Specific Uptake Over Time by Scenario
  • Top Projected Accounts by Channel
  • Market Basket Projections
  • Exportable Account Dashboards