Access Influencer Mapping

CLIENT: A multinational pharmaceutical manufacturer looking to better understand payer management philosophies and support appropriate access for their specialty brands.
BUSINESS QUESTION: How do third party stakeholders interact with and influence payer management across multiple specialty therapeutic areas?
  • In depth discussions were conducted with key payers and emerging access influencers including specialty practices, academic hospitals, specialty pharmacies, pathways programs, and molecular diagnostics companies
  • Various points of influence were identified and prioritized in order to formulate access maximizing strategies and tactics
  • ISA discovered significant regional variation in the level of stakeholder influence (e.g. pathways / medical management vendors and state physician / practice manager societies), and recommended specific points for future investigation to best focus the client’s brand team efforts
RESULT: The client utilized ISA’s influence maps to prioritize and initiate relationships with key stakeholders by region and has since approached ISA to perform a focused strategic analysis on the influence of pathways and state societies.