What We Do

When our clients face the toughest and most complex issues in the marketplace, they rely on us to provide them with the freshest thinking on how to maximize the commercial value of their products. Therefore, at ISA, we fundamentally believe that for us to make our clients successful, we must constantly create and refine our problem-solving techniques. The value we bring to our clients is our unwavering passion for practical, actionable market access solutions and the fact that we care as deeply about getting to these solutions as our clients do.

ISA typically advises on market access, pricing, and reimbursement strategy for pharmaceutical assets anywhere from two years pre-FDA approval through loss of exclusivity.  Example questions we have addressed through our work include:

  • Pre-Launch:
    • What payer value proposition and value story will optimize how payers will perceive, evaluate, and reimburse a product?
    • What pricing and contracting strategy will achieve the desired level of access in a highly competitive market with entrenched market leaders?
    • How are price and access likely to impact physician utilization and patient willingness to fill for a novel specialty biologic?
    • What distribution and specialty hub services strategy can differentiate a product in the eyes of providers and patients?
    • What is the patient journey from the perspective of product fulfillment? What channel strategy can best support the continuity of care across various care settings as the disease progresses?
    • How are payers evolving their specialty management and how are these changes likely to impact the market access strategy for oncology, orphan / ultra-orphan, and other specialty therapeutics?
  • Post-Launch:
    • How can a manufacturer best prepare for the threat of a competing product in the evolving market access environment?
    • How should existing specialty distribution strategy and hub operations evolve given competitive dynamics and internal company infrastructure?
    • How should pricing and contracting strategies evolve as competitive intensity increases and the market continues to place pressure to reduce costs?
  • Loss of Exclusivity:
    • How are health plans likely to change the management of a product post-LOE? What is the impact of these changes to volume over time, and what opportunities may be available to preserve brand volume?